Birthday Calendars

Do you have a hard time remembering all the birthdays you need to? I DO!  I have the hardest time keeping track of the birthdays for my family and friends so I decided this fall to get more organized and I’m starting with getting my birthdays all in one place.  To start, I went online to find the calendar that would work best for me… I chose a clipboard calendar.  I can hang it above my desk so I can see all the upcoming dates and HOPEFULLY be better at planning ahead.  Here is the calendar I designed and  it’s also a free download HERE.   The other ones I saw used scraps of scrapbook paper at the bottom but I like being able to print it out and be done.







Leopard clipboard

This is the clipboard I’m going to use… love the designer clipboards!  You can order one similar HERE! You can see the scrapbook paper instructions at eighteen25 if you like that way (and pics of clipboard calendars below).


clipboard 2

Here’s to getting more organized this fall… at least it’s worth a try!

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