What 5 little things you can do today to make you happier

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1. Exercise more – 7 minutes might be enough You might have seen my blogpost last week that featured an APP called the 7 minute workout… so, f you thought exercise was something you didn’t have time for, maybe you can fit it in after all. As Tricia shows us every Monday, exercise has such a profound effect on us… not only our happiness and well-being

You’re more POWERFUL than you think…

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I saw this commercial this past week and was so intrigued by it that I immediately looked it up on the web to see what APPS were used to make this great ad.  Watch it to see if it does the same for you ( I personally love the guy who weighs himself… its so me!). Here is the list and the links to the

When science and biology meets technology…

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Last month a start-up company from Tel-Aviv called Consumer Physics introduced us to  a tiny hand-held molecular sensor called Scio. This little device would allow users to scan practically anything – foods, drinks, pills, plants, and more… and get detailed information on that specific object’s chemical makeup in just a few seconds. It sounds a little out-there and a somewhat science fiction, but using a near-infrared spectroscopy is

Have your heard of PICKLE-BALL?

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Chances are you haven’t!  I usually need to stop at the store or run an errand after playing this current obsession, and since I’m usually dressed in a tennis skirt, most people will ask if I’ve been out playing tennis.  When I tell them that I’ve been playing pickle-ball, the response I get most often is “what is pickle-ball’?  Well, that’s all you need to

Meet your personal coach


Wear it, mount it, and hear it with 5 sports included to get started.  Real-time interactive coaching.  Performance tracking.  Injury prevention.  Form monitoring.  3D motion sensing… and waterproof.  Introducing the MOOV. This is the coolest thing ever!!  I first saw this a couple months ago (and yes, I preordered two for me and Todd) and I had just gotten my FITBIT for Christmas. I thought

Taylor Swift surprises a fan…


This is my first “official” blogpost and after hearing this story this last week, I think it deserves having the spotlight. About 5 days ago, after performing on Saturday Night Live, Taylor Swift flew to Columbus, Ohio and took the opportunity to surprise one of her biggest fans at her bridal shower.  Gena Gabrielle has been going to Taylor’s concerts for years and had recently