Christmas concerts bring the spirit of the season

One of my favorite things each Christmas season is attending our family’s favorite Christmas concert.  Somehow hearing the music of Christmas and spending time with my family is just what I need to completely immerse myself in the spirit of the season.  We attended the Eclipse concert tonight and, as always, came away feeling closer to the Christ-child and really wanting to feel that way each day but especially at this time of year!  I love their A cappella version of SILENT NIGHT while a video was shown overhead of the birth of the baby Jesus.  I had my grandson, Aiden (4), on my lap while the video was showing and I was whispering the story to him as we watched and listened… not missing one part of that song!  Thanks Eclipse for the best Christmas concert tonight and we’ll look forward to seeing you again next year!  Although I can’t share the Silent Night video, here is their rendition of O Holy Night and the crowd favorite every year of THE SANTA RAP (hilarious)!

Merry Christmas everyone… and you can learn more about them on their FB page HERE or go to iTunes and download their music from there!  You won’t be disappointed.  Enjoy!!

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