Cooking and Baking Equivalents… free printable

I love to bake and it seems that I don’t have enough time (or make time) to do some fun baking but maybe, with winter coming, I’ll be inside long enough to whip up some yummy things.  My favorite is making cupcakes although I did make an apple pie (thanks Holly) two weeks ago and it could be a new favorite.   You can’t go wrong with a quick batch of cookies either.  I love how it makes my house smell… you know, that warm, cozy feeling?  It’s heavenly!!  Almost each time I cook/bake (because I’m usually doubling or splitting a recipe) I have been using an equivalent chart that someone gave me when I got married and when I pulled it out the other day, I noticed that it was certainly outdated and yellow.  Time to create an updated one… so here it is!  There are four designs from which to choose from and you’ll just need to print it out on white card stock and laminate it.  I keep mine right next to my cookbooks so it’s handy when I need it.  Bake on…


Cooking and baking equivalents BOWLS… download HERE


Cooking and baking equivalents CUPCAKE… download HERE


Cooking and baking equivalents KEEP CALM… download HERE


Cooking and baking MIXER… download HERE


Download for the Cooking and Baking (bowls) part 2 HERE


Download for the Cooking and Baking (cupcakes) part 2 HERE


Download for the Cooking and Baking (keep calm) part 2 HERE


Download for the Cooking and Baking (mixer) part 2 HERE

Happy baking and maybe this will inspire you to bake something today… and who doesn’t love a warm batch of cookies?

Thanks again for joining me here at LaurelBirdLane!!!


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