Got Gratitude?

The month of November always helps me remember to have more GRATITUDE and to be more thankful for all the many, many blessings that I have in my life!   I love my family, I adore my friends, I believe in the gospel that blesses my life every day, and I have so much where so many others go without.   I have seen a lot of my friends sharing one thing per day they are grateful for on Facebook or Instagram… so this year I decided I wanted to put my gratitude list on something physical but maybe a little less public.  So, last week, I went to the local elementary school with my card stock in hand and used their die cut cutter to make leaves of all different shapes and colors.  I divided them into bags for me, Todd, and each of my kids, along with twine to hang it from, and gave it to them on Halloween.   Here’s what mine looks like on day four…


It’s now much fuller now with both Todd and I adding to it each day!  I also love the fact that my family can see what’s truly important to me!  If you want to give thanks this month in honor of Thanksgiving, there are so many options to choose from… including gratitude journals, writing notes to others, making a gratitude garland or chain, framing an “I am thankful for” picture that you can use a dry erase marker for, or you can choose to tell those you love in person.  Here are some fun examples (and links) to some fun ideas.


From Sage Grayson’s blog


Found at 281 Fourth Street HERE

thankful-printable chain

This printable can be used for a napkin ring or a gratitude chain from Silverbox Creative 


This framed printable is great for changing each day with a dry erase marker from Sweet Blessings. Whichever you choose, make this month a month of GRATITUDE!  I know I’ll be working on it and trying to show those I love how much I truly appreciate having them in my life… I am better person because of them!  SO BLESSED!


FREE PRINTABLE FOR AN 8 X 10 FRAME… by me.  Enjoy!


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