Oh, what should I do in the summertime?

Well, we’re almost 1/2 way through the summer already (if you live in Utah and have kids in school, you ARE 1/2 through) and have you done 1/2 the things you wanted to?   I don’t know about you but at the beginning of every summer I think of all the fun things I want to do yet, somehow I don’t get around to them.  Two years ago, my friend Cami, made this list for the summer, I screen shot it and have now decided to compete her fun list this summer!

Summer List

So, here’s the list. 1.  Go camping  2. Snowcones  3. Roast hotdogs  4. Living room sleepover  5.  Movie party  6.  Hike  7.  Waterpark  8.  Carwash  9.  Bees game (local AAA ball club)  10.  Drive-in movie  11. Treat Tuesday  12.  Zoo  13.  Jackson Hole   14.  Rodeo   15.  Fireworks  16.  Sonic happy hour  17.  Roller Coaster  18.  Make fancy ice cream  19.  Crafternoons  20.  Plant flowers  21. Bike rides  22. Rollerblade  23. Free Concerts  24. Picnic  25. Star gazing  26. Play catch  27. Shoot hoops  28. Cabin  29.  Seattle  30. Star Valley (WY)  31. Gateway (outdoor mall)  32. Ride Front Runner (local transit train).

I have already gone camping, hiking, bike rides, and fireworks… checking off four things from the list.  I think I will trade 13, 29, and 30 for London, Scotland, and Ireland… that makes seven.  Only 25 more to go and it’s going to be a fabulous summer!  Make your own list or copy this one, like I did, and put it where you’ll be sure to remember to enjoy it while it lasts!  Happy summertime everyone

Summer time

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