Overcoming Adversity

Amazing race is one of my most favorite shows to watch and is a Sunday night ritual for us.  This last season, that concluded in May, was no exception!   As they introduced the teams, Todd and I were so excited to see the return of Dave and Connor O’Leary.   We found that we had many things in common with them… such as living in Salt Lake, I’m also a cancer survivor, and belonging to the same religion.  It was fun to cheer them on week after week and to see them become the season 24 winners.  If you want to see the final episode, you can watch it here and their Amazing Race bio is here.  Congratulations guys!


After their win, I was curious about their story and started reading more about them both, but more particularly about Connor, and how at such a young age he had to overcome adversity.  He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2010 (I believe that he was 18) and went through not only surgery but chemotherapy as well.  He is now cancer free and is still a professional cyclist who raced for the Under 23 USA National Team and also for the Pro-continental team.  While reading more about Connor, I came across this TEDx video where Connor shares his story and how “focus is a muscle”.   I am so impressed with him and his maturity at such a young age.  Having a family member (like his dad) go through cancer definately changes you but HAVING cancer is life altering and hard to put into words.  Connor has done that and I hope you are inspired by him as much as I was when you watch the video below.

Thanks Connor for being an inspiration to so many and for sharing your story.  Congratulations again and wishing you much success in your future!

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