Spooky Halloween dinner with Food Cards

Our annual family Halloween dinner is one of my favorite things about this holiday!  It’s fun coming up with a new menu, creative names for the food, and finding a few new decorating ideas.  So, here’s my menu and the pics from our dinner last night.

Kitchen Table



I used glow-in-the-dark fangs for my napkin holder along with a spider and a straw.  Plain black plates (from Walmart) are great for so many holidays and we used those vampire teeth and glow-in-the-dark ping pong balls for playing ping pong in the dark after dinner.

Spider Cider

SPIDER CIDER is made by making homemade sparkling cider and then freezing plastic spiders and water in ice cube trays.   I used a mini muffin tin for making my ice cubes…. they felt a little more substantial and would stay frozen just a little longer.  The recipe for homemade sparkling cider is one 2 liter bottle of club soda + 1 can frozen (thawed) apple juice.

Ghost guts

GHOST GUTS is our take on Queso dip (from eatingonadime.com) and tortilla chips.

Mummy fingers

MUMMY FINGERS are just cute little hot dogs all wrapped up in Pillsbury crescent rolls cut into thin strips.  So easy…. and yummy!  Recipe HERE

Bloody Eyeballs

BLOODY EYEBALLS is Pacific’s Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup (Costco) and mozzarella balls (cut out a small divet) with half a pimento stuffed green olive stuffed into it.  Thanks Martha Stewart and your eye popping soup for the great idea.

Oozing Brain

OOZING BRAIN comes from one of my favorite salads.  It’s a wedge salad with Cotija cheese, tomatoes, and bacon from Cantina Southwestern Grill and their fantastic cilantro vinaigrette (which you can buy from them if you live in Utah… a pint for only $3.95).

Corn Cups

CHILDREN OF THE CORN CUPS are fruit cups (from Family Fresh Meals) with fresh pineapple in the bottom third, mandarin oranges in the middle, and whipped cream for the top third.  This was really light and refreshing.

Pump Cake

PUMP CAKE with PLOPS OF PIGEON POOP AND WITCH’S WARTS are pumpkin cupcakes (recipe from Real Simple) with chocolate frosting (Betty Crocker) and Nestle’s mini chocolate chips.  I made this cupcake recipe gluten free by buying a gluten free yellow cake mix and following the same recipe.  Everyone loved them! Sharing the night with my family while having dinner, carving pumpkins, and playing glow-in-the-dark ping pong was such a blast!  Not only did I get to spend time with my favorite people but, as a bonus, I also got to check off one more thing off my Fabulous Fall to-do List.  Happy Halloween everyone… be safe and have fun!  Free PLACE CARD PRINTABLES  are found below!

Place Cards 2

Place Cards 1

These are the place cards for the menu that I created and you can find the download HERE! If you want to create your own, download THESE (pictured below) and use a white pen to write your own food ideas.  To save your ink for either one, have them printed as a color copy on card stock at your local printer… cost is just over $1. blank

Place Cards blank 2

Place Cards blank 1

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